Jaipur Marathon Ambassador

Jaipur Marathon Ambassadors are the connectors and community experts with the mission to authentically build relationships within the local market and generate a buzz around the event.

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Jaipur Marathon Student Ambassador

Jaipur Marathon calls for highly enthusiastic and motivated Student Ambassadors who will run the event behind the scenes.

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Run for Charity

Be a part of our movement to provide a better future in India by running for a Charity. You have to go for Charity Registration to support a particular group.

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25 Jan 2015

Countdown to Race Day


6th year and running...
The mesmerizing land of royal Rajasthan, where folk and culture resonates each other's being, where vibrant colours blend to create the moods and royalty stands tall at the epicenter of this wonderful land. As a never-ending effort to complement the everlasting effect of the rich Rajasthani tradition, Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha along with World Trade Park feel privilege to enter into its 6th edition for 'JAIPUR MARATHON' carnival.


Training and Nutrition

One has to be always interested in finding ways to increase his/her stamina so that he/she can do more physical feats and work harder without getting tired. Click here to learn how to build and improve stamina.

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